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Best piercing for men

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Best piercing for men 1 Best piercing for men

When we talk about piercing for men , there is more variety than we would believe. Because men also offer different areas of your body to express their passion for drilling , not only focusing on the face, but in other areas, such as the pelvis, nipples, among others.

Best piercing for men 2 Best piercing for men

The most common, but also the most attractive, reside in the ear, this kind of piercing for men as well as being the typical all performed at an early stage, offer versatility, it is not just about putting a ring in the ear, but there are also ring expanders , very popular today, or for example the piercings in the cartilage of the ear, which are increasingly adopted by men.

Best piercing for men 3 Best piercing for men

Eyebrows are being, at present, the typical framework in which men succumb to the world of piercing . Then also the perforations in the lip are very common and really give it a more attractive to males.

Best piercing for men 4 Best piercing for men

The nipples or nipples is another of the areas chosen by men, even more than women, since they are encouraged much more to this kind of pain, on the other hand, heal faster. And we could not end this post without mentioning the Prince Albert piercing , since it has recently learned that it is more popular than it is believed this kind of drilling, it is a piercing in the male genitalia.

Best piercing for men 5 Best piercing for men

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