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Care nose piercing

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Care nose piercing 1 Care nose piercing

In recent years, nose piercing has become increasingly popular as a form of body art. For some South African tribes and communities in Asia, the art of nose piercing is very old. The reasons range from nose piercing ornaments, through which part of religious ritual.

Whatever the reason, wound care after the procedure is essential for healing. Unfortunately, the procedure is only considered sick. Although I have not experimented with it, looks really hurt. If you have holes, will be painful and costly if not taken care of it. To be more convenient to take the following measures recommended to ensure that your piercing will heal in time.

Care nose piercing 2 Care nose piercing

Cleaning the nose piercing and jewelry that come twice a day to remove dried blood. Use warm salty water and cotton ball. Apply Betadine or other antiseptic, cotton or sponge. Stay away from hydrogen peroxide, but there are abrasive quality. If you have skin allergies, see what is best for use with your doctor. Before getting a nose ring, I suggest you consult with your doctor. Rinse area with clean running water and gently move the right foot or ring around.

Care nose piercing 3 Care nose piercing

You’re playing with your nose ring – no need to move or touch very often. People often manipulating the jewelry until you get used to it and the nose ring is no exception, and not always play with him. You run the risk of accidental removal, which made her bleed. Also delay the healing process.

The piercing is usually swollen and red. Ice packs can alleviate this problem. Take the pain if it is very painful. Ask your doctor about the amount and type of pain can take.

Care nose piercing 4 Care nose piercing

Be careful when washing your face – just wipe with a cloth. Again, may inadvertently remove the jewelry if you’re not careful.

If the pain becomes unbearable, or swelling and suppuration of interest, you should call your doctor.

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