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Dangers of body piercings

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Dangers of body piercings 1 Dangers of body piercings

While the popularity of drilling tongue (“tongue piercing”) grows, German researchers warn of oral problems it causes. study was conducted of 92 male members of the German armed forces. Half of respondents had a punctured tongue and half Sun Those who had piercings language that state had at least four years.

Dangers of body piercings 2 Dangers of body piercings

The study showed that men with pierced tongue often had holes and cracks in tooth enamel. They are also more places between the teeth were put into a state of dental meat (“gum recession”). Scan of tooth enamel were about 2 times more often present in the group of people with pierced tongue.

Cracks in the enamel were observed 3 times more often and gingivnata recession even 4 times more common among respondents with a punctured tongue, unlike those who had pierced tongue. most common places where the gums were pulling the lower front teeth and the inside the oral cavity, closer to the language. the pits and fissures of enamel caries usually occurs.

Dangers of body piercings 3 Dangers of body piercings

At these places because of rough surfaces are more easily retained food and bacteria. study showed that this fashion trend among young people is unhealthy in terms of oral hygiene and condition of teeth, which later may imply other diseases associated with chewing food, the presence of bacteria and the like.

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