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Different types of body piercings

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Different types of body piercings 1 Different types of body piercings

The value of the piercing is different in different cultures. It is a form of body modification that existed in our society since ancient times. Traditional way of piercing the body by inserting a needle into a body part, because of which a small hole is created in the body, which is then decorated with a piece of jewelry. Earlier body piercing was distributed only in the ancient and tribal societies. It was only in 1970 that this art has become popular worldwide. People pierce various parts of the body for various reasons, ranging from religion and culture on the sexual pleasure or fashion.

Different types of body piercings 2 Different types of body piercings

The traditional method of the needle is still used for piercing. However, with the advent of new technology are many methods of piercing, as piercing gun permanent cannula method, dermal punching, etc. come up with. Although piercing is common in most countries, some types of body piercings are not accepted in many cultures. In addition, body piercing can be a painful process, but can also lead to certain infections. Therefore, before one goes about getting your body pierced, you need to know about different types of body piercings.

The piercing

Different types of body piercings 3 Different types of body piercings

is supposedly the most common type of piercing in the world. While ear piercing is mainly done by women in many cultures, even the men do it. Previously, the piercing is usually placed on the earlobes, but is now piercing in all areas of the ear has become a fashion. Ear piercing is done for decorative purposes. It is believed that gay men pierce their right ear, to show that they belong to a particular group. However, currently there are no such restrictions. You can also find a variety of earrings to decorate the ear, including metals, precious stones, etc. This is the simplest form of body piercing and the healing time, does not extend to more than a week.

Nose Piercing

Nose Piercing is as simple as ear piercing, but it’s mostly done by women than men. The most common position for the nose piercing is on both sides of the nostrils. Such a nose piercing is very common in India, which says that the left nostril pierced woman makes childbirth easy. It has become quite popular in western countries in 1960 and 1970. Another type of nose piercing is done in the center of the nose, it is a partition between the nostrils called septum piercing. However, this type of piercing can lead to certain complications.

Different types of body piercings 4 Different types of body piercings

Language and other persons piercing

Tongue piercing is on the tip of your tongue. If done properly, an experienced person, there is less chance of infection. However, after the piercing, proper care should be taken to avoid any problems. There’s also the chance of infection occurring in the teeth and gums. Typically, it takes 6 – 8 weeks for the piercing heal properly. You could face certain difficulties during the conversation and food primarily in the recovery period.

Other faces include lips piercing piercing where the ring or stud is inserted into the lower lip of man. Eyebrow piercing is another form of body piercing, which is popular among both men and women. In addition, you can also go for a piercing that is done between the eyes and nose.

Nipple Piercing

More and more young men and women going in for a nipple piercing, because it is believed to be attractive and also said to increase the sensation. The nipple can be imbued with human stud or metal ring, or one or more times. However, this can be a bit dangerous, and, of course, painful, too. They say that nipple piercing can cause problems in women with breast-feeding. The usual time required for this type of piercing to heal completely is 6 – 7 months.

Navel piercing

Navel piercing, also known as a navel piercing is the second most common type of piercing after ear piercing. This is called a complex shape and body piercing can take anywhere from six months to a year to heal completely, varies from person to person. Healing period can be filled with pain and discomfort. Area should be cleaned twice a day, and should avoid the use of soaps and ointments, which may cause some allergy or infection.

Genital piercings

Different types of body piercings 5 Different types of body piercings

Genital piercings do men and women to enhance sexual pleasure. For men, genital piercings can be done in different ways, on the scrotum and the public bone. In women, it is usually done on the clitoris, but can also be performed on the triangle, the hood and the inner and outer labia. However, this type of piercing should be done only after conducting research about the body piercings. Healing period can be extended from six months to a year.

Recently, body piercing gained popularity among young people, because it adds to their style and appearance. In the run in style, many people do not care about hygiene, which leads to infection and other complications. To avoid this, it is important to make a thorough medical examination before piercing any part of the body. You just need to go to a professional body piercing body, which has good experience in this field. After the piercing is done, the recovery period is a very important moment when proper attention should be given to an area that is pierced. No need to change the jewelry before the pierced body part is completely healed. Taking proper care and precautions after the piercing will ensure that does not have to face any serious complications in the future.

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