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Ear Piercing

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ear piercing 1 Ear Piercing

Once upon a time piercing the ears themselves doing only the male part of the population. To put this in a modern way, it is then considered “fashionable”, as evidenced by the tremendous strength, courage and bravery of its owner.

ear piercing 2 Ear Piercing

Later, after a couple of hundred years in Western Europe, piercing the ears themselves do nothing but girls. And after them, piercing the ears, as usual, to make steel, and men, as before. It should be noted that this type of piercing has not been approved in the society. As soon as the piercer did not name: homosexuals, criminals, psychos, and abnormal people.

ear piercing 3 Ear Piercing

Of course, at the moment piercings everywhere, and nobody is surprised he did not like the strong and weak at the half of the population. By the way, not all people are considered to ear piercing piercing as such, through the hell, of course, very wrong, because it is not only an earring in one ear, and multiple piercings cartilage tragusa, cylinders and tunnels in the ear lobes.

Ear piercing is divided in turn into two subspecies:

  1. cartilage piercing .
  2. Ear Piercing

ear piercing 4 Ear Piercing

Pierce ears very often, one of the reasons is the painless process (individually, of course, but in most cases it is true) and punched open space. High-quality master will tell you truthfully, how much it will heal an open wound, the other exaggerate, I recommend no one to hear and navigate the best two or three months, at worst – a wound for a long time will not heal inflamed and sore from time to time.

ear piercing 5 Ear Piercing

Here, however, has its “pitfalls”. Ear piercing is sometimes quite unexpected complications. After all, not everyone knows, but the ear lobe is placed a large number of biologically active points, which have an impact on other parts of the human language, the upper and lower jaws, eyes, inner ear, tonsils (lower lobe), 2 points of extraction of teeth and so on. Naturally, the piercing will affect anything, that’s only what? .. The consequences are completely unpredictable: you can go blind and partially hearing loss, migraines, stomach problems, (true or not, but the writing on the Internet, even infertility).

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