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Eyebrow piercing

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Eyebrow piercing 1 Eyebrow piercing

Becomes the object of an eyebrow piercing is not so common. Such mistake beginners usually do not, and those who have made themselves already 2-3 puncture. And on one hole rarely stops.

Usually eyebrow piercing is done in the area from the mid-to long-tail from the nose eyebrows. In puncture inserted, usually with decoration bar-ends. Eyebrow piercing looks very beautiful and unusual. He compares favorably with some other types of piercing that immediately visible in the other party because people prefer to talk, looking into each other’s eyes.

Eyebrow piercing 2 Eyebrow piercing

Eyebrow piercing not particularly painful, but because of the large number of blood vessels that pass in the puncture, manipulation followed by quite heavy bleeding. Therefore attempt to pierce the eyebrow is not necessary. It is better to trust the experienced technician who correctly select the place for the piercing and make a puncture quality and without excessive bleeding.

Wound healing occurs in approximately 6-8 weeks. No particular care eyebrow piercing does not require that it is only necessary to comply with general hygiene and process periodically puncture site with antiseptic.

Eyebrow piercing 3 Eyebrow piercing

Location: The most common vertical location of the puncture (or almost vertical), the channel is a puncture in the brow arch. Most piercer believe that for the exact placement of the puncture to visualize the triangle, one of the parties, which extends from the center of the chin (at this point is usually located puncture “Labret” brow arch to the edge on the face).

Jewelry: Jewelry thickness 1.6 mm – 1.2 mm – 1.0 mm, using a ring or barbells. Eyebrows puncture considered as surface piercings, and tends to keep out over several years.

Eyebrow piercing 4 Eyebrow piercing

Less common types of eyebrow piercing:

Horizontal perforation. Performed in parallel brow arch, the length or on any site. Puncture “Bridge.” Close to the brow arch, or the nose, between the eyebrows or in the temple.

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