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Female Vaginal Piercings

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Female Vaginal Piercings 2 Female Vaginal Piercings

It is common to get your body pierced in various places such as tongue, lips, nose, eyebrows, even in the most sensitive areas of the genitals.

The general tendency to get pierced jewelry are expressed, but in the case of the genitals, it is not the case. One of the main reasons for women to go in for genital piercing is to make them feel adventurous and exciting.

Female Vaginal Piercings 1 Female Vaginal Piercings

There are many different types of vaginal piercing that is done. Clitoral hood through a common form of vaginal piercing. It is said to stimulate clitoral tissue during intimacy. The labia tissue is thick and it can contain both heavy jewelry. Enough skin is needed in these areas to get them pierced to hold jewelry.

Before receiving any regular performance, this area should be well cleaned with the disinfectant to prevent cross infection in the process. The sensitivity will increase enough pain and who underwent the procedure should be prepared for it. It may take 2-4 months for the piercing to heal properly.

Female Vaginal Piercings 3 Female Vaginal Piercings

There are risks associated with procedures. There is a possibility of infection. There may be a risk of tetanus, hepatitis B and C, and HIV and other sexual diseases. Sometimes piercing can lead to bleeding, scarring and allergic reactions. One has to be prepared for all this. Of course, it is possible to take adequate precautions to avoid such problems. It is necessary to choose a reputable shop they give importance to hygiene. It is better to choose stainless steel, titanium or niobium metal for jewelry because it is safer compared to other metals such as nickel can cause skin allergies and other related issues.

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