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Navel Piercing Types

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Navel Piercing Types 1 Navel Piercing Types

Hundreds of years ago, Egyptians used to enhance themselves with different types of body piercings. As for navel piercing, only members of the elegant family were permitted to do that. Anyone else who attempt to cut your navel could be sentenced to loss of life. The past few years have been more resistant, that is why the interest in navel striking split out with a new power during the 1980′s and 1990′s of the past millennium.

Navel Piercing Types 2 Navel Piercing Types

These days, significantly more individuals are having a navel piercing done. And of course, the factors for having this form of piercing change from those of the past. Someone gets it for the look. Someone else wants to have a key spot to show only to special individuals. If you already have your own factors for it, it’s a chance to think about the kind to choose.

There are some different ways of navel piercing to choose from. Some of them rely on how big in size your tummy is and whether your navel is placed inward or external. According to navel location, the piercing is known as “innie” or “outie.” Navel piercings are also conducted on the top, base, or factors of the navel.

Navel Piercing Types 3 Navel Piercing Types

• The most mostly approved form of navel piercing is the “innie”. It’s situated just above the navel connect. When properly conducted, it looks great, especially on a well-shaped belly. If you’re not gifted with the proper structure, your piercing may also be split through the skin in case it’s too low-settled.

• The “outie” piercing is situated leftward from your belly-button. It’s a rather complex form of navel piercing since a lot of bloodstream are focused inside and around this connect. On account of this, swelling may be more numerous. As well threats of getting contaminated are higher.

Navel Piercing Types 4 Navel Piercing Types

• Higher rim is the standard form of piercing, which is conducted at the top of the navel band.

• Lower rim is done at underneath part of the navel band.

• Sides are generally known as the piercings which are on belly-button factors. These can be either left or right part, anywhere among the top and base factors of the navel band.

Navel Piercing Types 5 Navel Piercing Types

It’s possible to have up to four piercings done to your navel. However, it doesn’t mean you can do them all at once. In such cases you get revealed to greater threats as well as more excessive blood loss. The best idea is having one navel piercing done at the same time period, wait around for it to cure, and then think about another one.

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