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Nipple Jewelry

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Nipple Jewelry 1 Nipple Jewelry

Designs for breast can be very exciting to use. Men and women of all ages usually have piercings as an expression of confidence in itself. And “sexy, fun and stylish for girls, is something to show the children if they are lucky to have a look.

Nipple Jewelry 2 Nipple Jewelry

However, this gem can be dangerous. If you look good or not done can result in scars, infections, allergies and other serious complications that can last a lifetime. There are some cases women suffer from blocked milk ducts or breast pain. Piercing nipple jewelry is an excellent alternative to solve these problems.

Nipple Jewelry 3 Nipple Jewelry

N jewelry nipple perforation gives the effect of drilling smoothly jewelry perforation. The use of nipple clips, also eliminates the pain associated with nipple jewelry. You can use bells, shields and chains and other sexy nipple. Material jewelry is made from the nozzle can be as expensive as platinum or gold or cheap as glass, plastic, surgical steel or other artificial materials. All are good and look sexy.

Nipple Jewelry 4 Nipple Jewelry

Some types of nipple piercing jewelry do not adhere to the body with eyelash glue or spirit, magnet or clip, you pinch the skin a bit “to attack or otherwise. There is never any drilling involved. Advantage of this type of body jewelry that can now use and sharing of different styles at once and not have to worry about closing the gap.

Nipple Jewelry 5 Nipple Jewelry

Another type of nipple jewelry nipple which is part of the body jewelry nipple, which covers all or part of the halo. Shield of jewelry includes the nipple, and can be supported by several means, including friction, suction or glue, but more often held in position by a nipple piercing. The main purpose of a layer is common to decorate, lift the nipple and ornament / garden the same way other jewelry piercing done. A nipple shield can also be used to facilitate the transition between breast and nipple, to hide the prominent feature and present a cleaner fashion

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