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Nipple piercing

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Nipple piercing 1 Nipple piercing

Recently, quite widely spread nipple piercing. He is believed to increase sexual sensitivity. If the target view of the origins of nipple piercing, you will notice that this type of piercing originated long ago. Moreover, at different times, meaning that is attached to the ring in the nipple, was different. The richest people of ancient Rome were decorated so your body, to emphasize their strength, courage, bravery and strength. Then this kind of piercing interested women. They pierced nipple solely for aesthetic interests.

Nipple piercing 2 Nipple piercing

It was believed that this contributed to giving the breast a more elegant form. So, obviously, that nipple piercing has been around for a long time, and now gaining popularity among the youth.

The most frequently-used option nipple piercing ring is inserted horizontally. The vertical arrangement of ornaments across much rarer. The size and shape of rings that can be used as decorations, diverse, so everyone can focus on the fact that he seems like the perfect option.

Nipple piercing 3 Nipple piercing

Immediately after the procedure of piercing the client may pursue sudden pain at the puncture site, and complete healing will last about 4 months, so the people who decided on his nipple piercing should acquire the necessary patience!

Nipple will require constant care, but very important point is that almost always after the procedure, the nipple piercing size increases, which is often the primary reason why people want to have a ring on his chest. In any case, the decoration of the nipple itself is a very exciting factor, so the number of people who already have undergone this piercing of the body, is growing rapidly.

Nipple piercing 4 Nipple piercing

Generally, people do not stay on the nipple, and then do genital piercings. However, to decide on this is much harder than any other piercing body part. In general, the number of seats for the piercing is huge, so everyone can choose a something suitable, and all that is written above only should help you to get all the necessary information about the nipple piercing, and determine whether this procedure is to you!

If you are going to get pierced nipples, you need to know is that this increases the size of the nipple slightly (by the way, this effect when used nipple piercings before, plastic surgery people did not know.)

If in the future you are planning to breast-feeding, it is important to remember that the nipple piercing will not affect your baby. Puncture heals completely in about 1-3 months.

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