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Piercing aftercare

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 Piercing aftercare

Body piercing is gaining popularity and is a way to make a statement. Of them all, the most common piercing. Petals ear tragus and rook, as well as through the spiral are some general areas for piercing.

Standard Test Method for needles, skin punches, hollow needle accommodation as well as insight into the methods commonly used weapon. However, you should be extra careful and take proper care during and after you got into your ears.

Here are some tips to help you with the aftercare associated with piercing.

Piercing aftercare 2 Piercing aftercare

Some tips

Usually, it takes about 8-10 weeks for most people to heal.

You must include the penetration of clean, cleaning it at most once every day. You must do this in the shower.

You can use saline to rinse your piercing. This will get rid of crusts, which may have evolved because of the accumulated lymph.

Piercing aftercare 3 Piercing aftercare

Your hair can infect penetration. Hair products, dirt, oil and bacteria can be irritating to the wound.

You should use shampoos and hair care products that have less harsh chemicals, and it does not irritate your wound, at least in the healing phase.

You should also be kept clean and free your pillowcase dirty.

If you eat a healthy respect and live a healthy lifestyle without drugs and alcohol, you’ll be able to heal faster.

Zinc and vitamin B will heal fast.

Don’ts aftercare

Touch of penetration only when you are cleaning it. Do not keep touching it. You have only to gently rotate the jewelry so that each cover with a crust avoided. However, before you touch it, make sure you wash and clean their hands.

Keep penetration for at least 3 months. This will give enough time for the wounds to heal and not be damaged.

Piercing aftercare 4 Piercing aftercare

Keep the wound as dry as you can.

Avoid using any ointments, okolduyte hazel, hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. This can cause ear pain and a scar as well.

Avoid things like headphones, hats, phones, even reading glasses, anything that comes in contact with your ears. Keep them separate until it is healed.

Public telephones should not be used at all, because they will have a lot of bacteria and can lead to serious infections.

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