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Piercing for girls face

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Piercing for girls face 1 Piercing for girls face

Face piercing girls were popular from time immemorial. For many years, and throughout history, including primitive and modern cultures of the person, body piercing for girls formed an integral part of their lives. Women face piercings are actually related to the tribal cultures that use the body changes, the rite of initiation, which includes branding, scarring, and, of course, piercings. In some tribes, women pierced their lips before marriage, and the piercing is stretched to mark time. The most popular form of face piercing for girls is a nose piercing began almost 2,000 years ago in the Middle East. It was believed that this will make the delivery easy. Historical facts also show that girls with piercings faces are considered to belong to a higher rank in society.

Piercing for girls face 2 Piercing for girls face

Nowadays, these individuals piercings for girls can be seen in our culture, as well as many other people piercing. It is from the early 1990s that women face piercing gained popularity. At first the tendency to start with random pierced nostril. Slowly, and piercing needles in odd places began to appear at any place where there is enough skin to hold jewelry. Currently, women face piercing is done in different parts of the body, even the language. There are many options you can choose from the following individuals and piercing list should help you in choosing a favorite.

Piercing for girls face 3 Piercing for girls face

Types of face piercing for girls

  • Labret – labret, usually pierced lower lip, and it is located in the center of the face. It can also be off-center as well.
  • Vertical labret – this is usually done in the lower part of the bay like a normal labret. But instead of the other party is in your mouth, it is seen through the middle of the lower lip.
  • Lips – Lip piercing is done directly under the lip. This can be centered or uncentered, and usually worn with the CBR.
  • Nose – the most common form of face piercings for girls. Nose piercing can be done from either side or both sides of the nose and can be worn with rings or small the CBR.
  • Septum – septum piercing is done directly through the nose and is usually worn with the CBR or horseshoe. He is also known as the Count.
  • Eyebrows – Eyebrow piercing is done through the eyebrow, which is generally horizontal or vertical. After piercing the nose is the most common form of face piercings for girls.
  • Cheeks – Cheek piercings penetrates the tissues of the face and oral cavity is symmetrical on both sides of the face-like dimples. This piercing can lead to nerve damage to the owner with the “dimples” are man-made.
  • Monroe – Named in honor of Marilyn Monroe, the famous actor and singer, this piercing is placed to emerge as a birthmark, which is usually on the upper lip, nose, diagonal. He is also known as Madonna or Crawford.

Piercing for girls face 4 Piercing for girls face

So next time you decide to have facial piercings, you can take the help of that person’s guide to choose your favorite body piercing. But do not forget to take the help of professional piercer, if you want to face piercings or body piercings. Do not try to do it yourself at home. See, that is licensed and piercing apprentice for many years to a woman’s face piercings. Also make sure that all equipment is well sterilized and only high-quality jewelry is offered. Your facial piercings should be something for which your friends envy you.

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