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Piercing the Ears of Men and Women

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Piercing the ears of men and women 1 Piercing the Ears of Men and Women

Undoubtedly, the most simple and familiar to many piercing – a piercing earlobes. [Ear piercing] Every day we meet dozens of men with earrings in his ears. However, if you want to do something unusual, but do not want to resort to drastic methods, we can make a few holes in the lobe. We should know that the number of punctures in the ears should be different, because it looks beautiful and unusual. In addition, a properly fitted jewelry will not cause feelings of congestion.

If you want to do something more drastic, it is not possible to pierce the lobe, and the ear itself, but usually there is difficulty with the selection of jewelry, because you want to look beautiful, but not stupid. It is true today for piercing jewelry great multitude, so you can choose any from my own taste.

Piercing the ears of men and women 2 Piercing the Ears of Men and Women

During the procedure, ear piercing done a few punctures, starting from the tip above. The number and distance of the holes depend only on your extravagance and desire. Then, in the pre-made holes inserted into gold or silver chain. Moreover, this procedure can be carried out in two ways, the so-called “embroidered over the edge” or “nametochnym seam.”

The history of ear piercing

Ear piercing is considered the most liberal option piercing. Even in ancient times it was used in the culture of different peoples and tribes. Since the American Indians pierced ears for men was placed in the lobes, and cartilage. However, in Europe, almost to the present day, piercing was considered the prerogative of the beautiful half of humanity. The truth of the Russian Empire, sailors crossed the equator for the first time wearing an earring in the earlobe – it was a special source of pride.

In Britain, the 70s was the value of a form of earrings. It could be the most incredible, but the most popular the safety pin.

In the 80s rappers introduced the fashion of piercing the ears of both men. This resulted in a strong half of mankind, which pierced ears ceased to cause surprise, and the public no longer refer them to the representatives of sexual minorities.

Types of body piercing and possible complications of ear piercing

Options for piercing the ears – and piercing cartilage piercing ear.

If we talk about pain during the procedure, they can be estimated at 3 points on a 10-point scale. The time of healing takes up to three kneading

The most common ear piercing for men and women is a transitional version to another, more daring forms of body piercing.

Piercing ears (cartilage and lobes) is the most common form of body piercing, but in this case, you should be especially careful, since it is in the ear is a huge amount of biologically active points, which are associated with different organs and systems of our body and if you accidentally touch one of these centers, the result can be unpredictable. Therefore trust the conduct of professionals should be ear piercing studio, “Arbat Tattoo” because they know the location of the biologically active points, choose a safe place for piercing, the procedure will quickly and less painful. If you want to see first how it will look your ears pierced, photos from the catalog will show you the final result.

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