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Piercing the face for guys

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Piercing the face for guys 1 Piercing the face for guys

Face piercings easy way to make a style statement. One pin can turn you into a stud! It can make you look cool and smooth. But as it takes a lot of pain to get the piercing done, face piercings can make you look tough, and to ensure that no one spoils with you. Although there are many face piercings for girls, now many people piercing for guys came in a way that makes them rage among the stronger sex. Below is a list of persons piercings for guys who will serve as a useful guide face piercings.

List of persons piercings for guys

Eyebrow Piercings: Pierced eyebrows are one of the most common face piercings for guys. Eyebrow piercings do not have a place on the brow. They can be done anywhere around the eyebrows. Eyebrow piercing can be done both vertically and horizontally. Anti-eyebrow eyebrow piercing is also considered, although this is not an eyebrow, but somewhere around it. If the body does not get used to the piercing, he starts pushing it. This pushing is known as piercing migration. Piercing the face for guys 2 Piercing the face for guysMigrating the chances are high in the eyebrow piercing. Sometimes, instead of pressing the piercing, it could push it into the body. It is desirable to remove the jewelry, if any migration occurs. The best way to get an eyebrow piercing done, it is a professional piercing, and it is advisable to wear light jewelery eyebrow. Eyebrow piercings should not be done with a piercing gun, and the piercing needle only. The most common eyebrow jewelry eyebrow rings or bars. There are tons of varieties are available in both.

Tongue piercing: Most guys find a tongue piercing is cool (even many of the girls for that matter!) Tongue piercing is usually done at the tip of your tongue. Much care must be taken after a tongue piercing, or there is a possibility of infection tongue piercing. To avoid infection tongue piercing, follow a few simple steps, how to get a tongue piercing to make a professional body piercing, body piercing cleaning on a regular basis, avoiding touching the piercing, etc.

Piercing lips: lip piercing includes various types of body piercing. Labret piercing piercing is done below the lip. As a rule, in the center, under the lower lip line, so that only part of the piercing sight. You can also have a vertical labret piercing done. Vertical labret piercing is done from the bottom lip line and ending with a lower lip, thus showing both ends of the piercing. If you would like piercings on lip piercing go for jellyfish. This piercing is done over the lip, usually in the wall. You can also opt for a chin piercing, as it always looks good, guys!

Septum piercing: Another facial piercing septum piercing for children. Also known as a bull ring, septum piercing is done in the middle of the nose. Here, the partition that separates the two nostrils are pierced. Septum piercings can be painful, and takes 7-9 weeks to heal. Septum piercing should be done by a professional.

Bridge Piercing: Piercing is done at the top of the nose is known as piercing the bridge. This is slightly below the eyebrows, or may even be among them. A bridge piercing is not as painful as the septum piercings, and heal relatively quickly. The main difference between the septum piercing and bridge piercing is the bridge piercing is done on the nose while the septum piercing is done through the nose.

Piercing: Ear piercing is very common among girls, but also is widely known as the person piercing for guys. So now, Pierced ears look good on guys too! Ear piercing is the easiest and safest of all piercings. There is a huge variety of jewelry ear man. You can also go to the sensors in the ear piercing of ears, if they want to increase their opening of the ear lobe.

If you want to be in the spotlight and are willing to try something very different, you can try a cheek piercing. This will give you a dimply smile (fake, though!). For too adventurous guys, there is always a tongue piercing. These punctures are sure to be head turners and thanks to them, people will shower you more attention than you can manage!

Piercing the face for guys 3 Piercing the face for guys

Facial Piercings

Whatever it may be a piercing on your face or body piercing, good care after the piercing done, it is of paramount importance. You can not just do a piercing, and then forget about it. If proper care is not taken, body piercing can become infected, which may further lead to catastrophic consequences. So, here are some tips to keep in mind that after the face piercings do:

  • Get the piercing done only by a professional body piercing.
  • All piercings should only be done by piercing needles as piercing weapons can cause damage.
  • Clean regularly using a good body piercing antiseptic solution.

Remove piercing immediately if rejection or migration occurs.

Based on these few but necessary steps will ensure that your piercing is not infected and heals well. Face piercings for guys are becoming more common in the past few years. So if you think that you need in addition to its appearance with a piercing, go ahead and get one done. In the end, it’s all about that statement!

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