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Piercings (above and below the lip)

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Piercings above and below the lip 1 Piercings (above and below the lip)

A piercing is a perforation or opening in the human body to put an earring. These perforations are a form of body modification and reflect both values cultural, religious and spiritual. Also being part of fashion, eroticism, conformism or identification with a subculture.

 Instructions on drilling: To place the piercing, the first is marked with a special pen, the ink that will not reject the body, the place to drill, then drill is passed to the needle . Depending on location, the process may vary. Some centers use some form of local anesthesia during the process, which can be anything from ice to liquid sprays, such as bezocaína.

Piercings above and below the lip 2 Piercings (above and below the lip)

This is usually done with those body parts in which more sensitive records, such as lips or tongue. It is dangerous to take an aspirin or other pain relievers prior to drilling, as all tend to affect blood clotting, so the hole will take significantly more time to heal. Generally, body piercing does not hurt excessively or unbearable, is also a single moment of pain. The drilling involves the implantation, usually decorative or ritual, of an earring or pierced body parts.

For its implementation is carried out a small hole with a special needle (called a cannula or catheter) into the desired area of anatomy. Then, we proceed to introduce the slope into the cavity made with that needle.

Piercings above and below the lip 3 Piercings (above and below the lip)

Healing fter the piercing be done, the person shall not be exposed to prolonged swimming baths or hydro-massage bathtubs, during the first two months. Sun exposure is also harmful, because ultraviolet rays are not beneficial for skin disinfection perforated and not conducive to healing. rings, should be thoroughly cleaned during the period of healing and hands washed with soap before touching.

Depending on the location of the piercing site, it takes between four and eight weeks the healing process. Time of healing: the ear cartilage , 6 to 7 months. lobe , 4 to 6 weeks. Ceja , 6 to 8 weeks. Nostrils , 6 to 8 weeks. Navel of 3 months to 1 year or 1 ½ years (varies from person to person). Lips , 2 to 3 weeks. Language , 2 weeks 3 weeks genitalia of 8 to 12 weeks.

Piercings above and below the lip 4 Piercings (above and below the lip)

Care Piercing: Lip piercings tend to heal about 6 to 8 weeks, although it may be hereafter scab is fistula developed and healed perforation. after performing the piercing will heal completely if you use a saline solution (water and salt) for about a month to keep from getting infected. This will soak the wound for 3 to 5 minutes with a mild salt solution to soften traces of blood and lymph close to the slope, it is best removed using a cotton swab.

 After rinsing, turning the slope into the hole slowly and rinsed to remove remaining debris in and around the piercing. You can use mouthwashes that do not contain alcohol after eating to remove debris and flush drilling. The slope initial should be either a flat bar or hoop behind finished in ball, surgical steel, titanium or other lightweight metal similar. To widen the hole, expect not to be ninguan crust (usually about 2 months ) before starting to widen the hole.

Piercings above and below the lip 5 Piercings (above and below the lip)

Getting it wrong could lead to a tear, as the scar tissue does not stretch as easily as normal. The lip piercings are easy and quick to heal if they are well maintained and used common sense. It is also a safe area. Every night before going to bed, rinse your mouth so as not to infect you with the leftovers.

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