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Pros and Cons to Getting Your Belly Button Pierced

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Many young people these days want to get their belly button pierced; however, parents are against this new trend. Many young people do not know how to explain their decision in a way to support why they want to get it done.

It would be a reliever to many parents to hear the pros and cons of getting ones belly button pierced. It may end the daily arguments and the high rising piercing rates without the parents even knowing.

true belly button piercing Pros and Cons to Getting Your Belly Button Pierced

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Many people do not know this, but the naval piercing can be just as dangerous as getting a piercing right next to your eye. The reason behind this is the needles cannot be properly clean, so you can catch HIV, Tetanus, or a less live threatening infection.  However, piercing guns cannot be sterilized unless they have a removable needle. With that being said, making a hole in the naval can be a perfect passage way for infection to spread all around your abdominal cavity.

Getting an infection does not stop at the piercing shop. You can also catch an infection if you accidently rip your piercing open with a T-shirt. Yes, naval piercings love to snag on clothes, it does not have to be a tight fitting shirt it can be a big T-shirt too. Many people who get their naval pierced are either in middle school and high school and they are not allowed to wear midriff tops, so the probability of attracting an infection is high.

Belly button piercing is one of the popular types of piercing. The tongue piercing is slowly catching up to the belly button piercing. Therefore, there are is a wide variety of piercing jewelry one can choose from. There are many types of shapes, styles, materials that one can choose from when making a purchase for their naval rings.

What exactly is a naval ring?

To get a better understanding of what a naval ring is, it would be would be a smart idea to learn more about the human anatomy. Therefore, the belly button ring is a decoration for the naval that can have a curved barbell. Common metals that can be found in the belly button jewelry are surgical steel, 14k gold, silver, niobium, and titanium. However, gold and silver plated metal tend to break easier and loves to cause irritation to the piercing, so staying away from those will protect you from unwanted pain.

The People Who Should Not Pierce Their Naval

If your belly button does not have enough skin for the piercing to hole, then you should not get it pierced.  The outtie belly buttons will have more surface scar tissue to deal with, but nonetheless you can still get it pierced. However, most people chose getting a vertical piercing that enters the side of the naval and goes through the skin above it. This is not the only way you can get your belly button pierced, but this is one of the more common ways.

How to Manage Your Naval Piercing

To keep the risk for infection low, it is wise of you to wash your belly button piercing at least two times a day. However, do not over clean the area because it can interfere with your body’s natural ability to fight off infection by its self. Always wash your hands before touching your piercing; this will also help it from not receiving an infection.

When cleaning your piercing you can apply diluted salt solution to soak off all the dry crud that may have collected on the piece of jewelry. After that you need to clean it with soap and water for about a minute. When done cleaning the piercing make sure you rinse all the soap off and pat the jewelry dry.

How Long For the Piercing to Heal

For the naval piercing to completely heal it will take up to about one or one and a half years. The reason is because the area is always exposed to poorly chlorinated waters. Plus, clothing and sweat also irritates the area as well. These factors can slow the healing process down tremendously. So it is best if you take good care of your body, piercing, and jewelry for the piercing to heal faster.

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