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Risks of having a genital piercing

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Risks of having a genital piercing 1 Risks of having a genital piercing

The genital piercings can generate many setbacks, both at the time of placing and afterwards. If you are interested in carrying out this practice, you should know the risks and dangers of having a genital piercing.

Dangers of genital piercings

A piercing genital, as the name suggests, a metal ornament placed on the genitals. Men often placed piercings in the scrotum, base of the penis, frenulum, glans and up into the urethra, while women in their labia, the clitoris and the clitoral hood.

Risks of having a genital piercing 2 Risks of having a genital piercing

Being a sensitive area, genital piercings involve several hazards associated to know before deciding to become one.

Genital piercing infections

The genital piercings often create infections in this area, due to poor hygiene, as with any other type of piercing. Recall that the genital area is exposed, in addition to urine, several factors that can cause infections, such as textiles underwear, contact with other bodies to have sex, contact with sex toys, etc..

Failure to maintain proper daily hygiene, ie washing the area thoroughly and following the instructions of the professional body piercing implant, it is likely a genital infection, which can result in reproductive sterility and other serious complications, although not are frequent.

Some genital piercings can pose a barrier to practice sex , just as there is a risk of contagion in the implantation of the device, still possible, although very rare, the contraction of diseases such as AIDS, tuberculosis leprosy. Anyway, this is avoided by taking all measures of hygiene and disinfection when placed piercing, and enabled it in places.

The genital piercings cause bleeding and impotence

Another risk related to such adornments are bleeding that can result when a piercing is very invasive implants, for example, crossing the glans, which should be performed only by highly qualified and experienced, but any physician advise against it completely.

Impotence, both male and female, is another hazard associated with a genital piercing as well as possible loss of sensation in the glans and the clitoris.

Tips to get a genital piercing

Risks of having a genital piercing 3 Risks of having a genital piercing

In deciding on a genital piercing, it is essential to ensure that the location has made drilling possible maximum hygiene and official license to perform such activities. It would also be interesting to seek opinions from other patients who have already been placed piercings in these areas to meet the experience and, above all, the problems that can result in having one.

Once implemented and metal trim, one must follow a complete daily hygiene, avoiding excessive sweating and devoting much attention to the damaged area.

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