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Side Lip Piercing – The Monroe

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Monroe Piercing 1 Side Lip Piercing   The Monroe

A lip piercing is one of the best ways today through which the body produces a hole through the lip area or just the area around the lips. The perforations can be produced in a number of ways. Oral piercing is done alone or in pairs. Piercing the lip of the upper lip on one side and perforated lateral lip is known as Monroe.

Monroe Piercing 2 Side Lip Piercing   The Monroe

Although perforations, anywhere in the mouth of a lip piercing is jointly determined that the effective area of ​​the mouth is not compromised. The only time the surface of the lip to make perforations, if the dog bites or horizontal drilling is required. Piercings are called to positions in the face. A side lip piercing, for example, is one that is made of the upper lip, but on the face. It also “as a Monroe piercing, because the beauty, the popular brand because of the famous Marilyn Monroe was, he had a birthmark on the side of the upper lip. Here to say that Monroe piercing is a popular and sought after puncture of the ridge. Labret studs are performed on the upper lip may in the same place where Marilyn Monroe had its bulk or lunar.

Monroe Piercing 3 Side Lip Piercing   The Monroe

Although lateral lip ring on both sides of the upper lip, which is disposed on the left side of the mouth are made only to be called Monroe because, to emulate most of this part of the face. If perforation is on the right side of the face is not Monroe, but is given another name, which came after another mega-famous movie star and singer named Madonna. reason I called is that Madonna, the famous Madonna of the mole or wants to be on the right side of lip pierced lip superior.

The occurs when Monroe or Madonna, depending on your preference, you can usually do with drilling of the mouth with a labret smallest size should be 16 gauge or 18 gauge. Each can also be done by the exercise with a bar. person to mark piercing the center of attention for both Monroe and Madonna with a permanent marker. Then they can be banged around the mouth was originally the mouth with water, which is a medical or surgical. mouth sterilized. The upper lip is then fixed to keep in position before the hollow needle is passed through it. Ends with pin labret or bar located in it. the labret or bar is usually longer than the size you want, first, for reasons of space to return to the initial infection.

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