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Tattoo and piercing

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Tattoo and piercing 1 Tattoo and piercing

I think I agree with many women around the drill: this is a temporary condition. If I decide I’m tired of having your stud, then it is something relatively easy to leave the lock hole (in a few days, he said, after I learned the hard way).

Tattoo and piercing 2 Tattoo and piercing

As for the tattoo, I flirted with the idea. I think everyone does at some point in their lives. I have not decided to get one, but for the same reason I decided not to have a good one. If you want my opinion, I think a small tattoo, custom, something like an owl, or perhaps a maple leaf might mean something to the tattoo. If this tattoo is in a relatively private place, then things are perfect.

Tattoo and piercing 3 Tattoo and piercing

Fogeyish may seem old, but if my son hypothetical involves some form of body art, I hope he / she chooses to look for something less than a permanent tattoo. I have a nephew with more than navel piercing ears and a grandchild with a pierced tongue and lower lip, and if you decide you are bored with them, all you have to do is to let the holes meet.

Tattoo and piercing 4 Tattoo and piercing

A tattoo is a permanent thing. To remove it, the procedure is as skin surgery and requires a minimum stay in hospital. The surgeon must determine the extraction procedure for evaluating skin health and overall chances of developing the infection.

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