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Tongue piercing Aftercare

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Tongue piercing Aftercare 1 Tongue piercing Aftercare

Tongue piercing has become a fashionable trend over the past few years and is very popular. Along with ear piercing, body piercing belly and eyebrow piercing, tongue piercing has become popular all over the world, more and more people are choosing to undergo this form of piercing. It requires a lot of determination to get tongue piercing, because the idea of sticking to the bar through the language itself, scares the hell out of many people. But most who opt for it, find a sports tongue piercing “cool” and “funk.”

Tongue piercing Aftercare 2 Tongue piercing Aftercare

If you’re still in the process of making up your mind to get your tongue pierced, I would suggest you educate yourself well on things that can go wrong after you get your tongue pierced. This does not necessarily happen to everyone, but it would still be wise to be informed about the consequences. This is where the tongue piercing aftercare is included in the picture. There are many things to do and avoid when you get your tongue pierced, some of which are listed below.

Aftercare for a tongue piercing

The most important point to keep in mind when piercing your tongue to make it professional. This in itself reduces the risks significantly. First, there is very little pain involved in getting tongue pierced as well as the language of all muscles. So, do not be paranoid about the pain, because if you’re obviously going to hurt you more than you need. Ensure that the cleanliness and hygiene bar is used for the piercing to avoid infection. When the tongue has just pierced, it may seem perfectly normal, but may start swelling up within a few hours. To avoid this, the original language is imbued with more than a bar, and then replace the rod of suitable size.

Once your tongue has been pierced you have to survive on a liquid diet for several days until it heals completely. Normally it takes about 10-14 days to cure well. The development of infection is almost impossible because of the enzyme, as the language of antimicrobial peptide and ptyalin contained in the mouth. These enzymes kill the bacteria causing the infection, thereby eliminating the possibility of infection. Excessive use of mouthwash that you would be advised to use it, can kill the beneficial bacteria in the mouth that can lead to infection. Thus, the use of mouthwash in sufficient quantities only twice a day. You may experience swelling, with salivation and difficulty in speaking and eating. These problems will get better after two weeks from the day you get your tongue pierced. The number of complications can be avoided by following tongue piercing aftercare tips mentioned below.

Tongue piercing Aftercare 3 Tongue piercing Aftercare

Always wash your hands with antibacterial soap before touching piercing.

Net piercing once in the morning and once before bedtime with a solution of salt and water. Use a mouthwash to two times a day.

To resolve edema, consume cold water at regular intervals. You can also crush a few ice cubes, put them on the pierced side and allow them to melt without sucking.

Go to the liquid diet, eat fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Do not eat anything that is hard, like chocolate and chips, ice cream will do the same.

Before bedtime, make sure that the bar and tightened in place. Do not turn or try to move the pole.

Do not indulge in activities like swimming, oral sex, or smoking until the piercing has healed completely.

Do not attempt to remove or lift the barbell on your own.

Tongue piercing Aftercare 4 Tongue piercing Aftercare

After these post-operative language in the body piercing tips, you can enjoy your new piercing for a few days. Be patient and do not try to experiment with it. If you are not familiar with the piercing, get a professional to remove it. Do not wait until symptoms worsen, consult a doctor if necessary. And most importantly, do not ignore the tongue piercing care regime.

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