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What is a tragus piercing?

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tragus piercing 1 What is a tragus piercing?

When it comes to body piercing, body part that gets the most attention is the ear. The ear can not be a part of the human body, but because of how intricate and curved to allow the ear to be decorated with various precious stones. This is why you can see that there are many different options we can choose the ear piercing.

tragus piercing 2 What is a tragus piercing?

The drink is actually a small flap of cartilage at the top of the ear canal. Tragus piercings are gaining popularity in recent years. You can improve the look simply by wearing jewelry, simple but elegant design in the drink.

tragus piercing 3 What is a tragus piercing?

While drilling drink is not a complicated procedure, but it hurts to do more research and find a good exercise to do the job. Perforation of drinks, however, can be a bit “harder than normal, the ear lobe piercing and are forced to lie on a bed or chair. Make sure the piercer is experienced in this type of piercing before. You do not want to take risks that will Piercer without credentials.

tragus piercing 4 What is a tragus piercing?

Once you have your piercing, you should take all necessary measures to ensure great results and post-therapy, of course speedy recovery. Try to keep the area clean and dry. You can apply antibacterial cream or solution to prevent infection. You should clean the area with salt water with a stick if necessary.

tragus piercing 5 What is a tragus piercing?

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